In recent years, localization of production systems and international employee recruitment has accelerated due to the globalization of markets. This is especially true for Japan, where foreign executives are moving to the island nation en masse because of growing career opportunities. The relocation of corporate execs involves changes in the living environment; including acclimating families to a different culture and education system, supporting the launch of new lives in a new place.

Yamato currently has its own moving/relocation service in 58 regions and 25countries around the world, while supporting the transportation of household goods along with the transfer of international human resources . For the most part, these relocations, or international “moves,” are executed through the HR department of the client company, with the help of YAMATO’s door-to-door integrated transportation service.

YAMATO has the experience, expertise and knows the background of its customers, building a support system using our seamless transporting of household goods and lives from their place of origin to the destination city.

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Summary :

Yamato supports relocation operations associated with the dispatch of global human resources, not only to and from Japan and the United States, but also from the Americas, Europe, East Asia, and Southeast Asian countries.

Backstory :

Recently, the Corporate Governance Code recommended that directors incorporate diverse human resources, so the number of foreign directors appointed by companies is increasing.
In addition, an increasing number of client companies are providing opportunities for overseas factory leaders to stay for a period of time for training at the mother factory, the starting point for cutting-edge development and the latest equipment.
Due to market changes accompanying the development of emerging countries, the number of companies with production bases close to the final consumption area has increased, whileopportunities for exchange and promotion of global human resources has increased, regardless of industry or occupation.

Solution :

Yamato has a sales office near many major companies, easily able to handle the most ambitious moves; including temporary storage of household goods, relocation, and moving services when returning home.
YAMATO also meets the HR needs of global companies by packaging a wide range of relocation-related support such as housing contracts, air ticket reservations, visa acquisition, medical examination, reservations and even furniture rentals.

Results :

YAMATO takes every move knowing that there are people involved with high expectations. Aflawless relocation with support of the entire household is the hallmark of every YAMATO move. We know that the smooth transition of your most valuable workers is key to the success of every global business plan.

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